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Segregation Holding - Cost Segregation Specialists


Segregation Holding - Cost Segregation Specialists

Jeffrey M. Hobbs, CEO
2150 S. Central Expressway
Suite 200
McKinney, TX 75070
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Product Description

Segregation Holding is one of the nation's leading cost segregation companies, having recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in over-paid federal taxes for our clients.

Over 98% of all profitable restaurant owners and operators have overpaid their income taxes - Segregation Holding provides the required engineering report and supporting documents to secure significant tax refunds and credits for our clients. This service CAN NOT be performed by your CPA or accountant per the IRS Chief Counsel’s statement, “…in order for cost segregation to be properly applied, it requires those who are competent in construction and has training in construction or construction techniques,” however, we work with your CPA to ensure that you receive the maximum refund or credit that you are due. 

In addition to a significant reduction in federal income taxes, our clients also benefit from reduced real estate and use taxes, lower insurance premiums, and more favorable financing options.

This accounting change is preferred by the IRS - you will not be audited as a result as this accounting change positions you, as the taxpayer, in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.

Segregation Holding will perform a FREE no-obligation benchmark analysis to determine how much cost segregation will benefit your business - and provide a guaranteed benefit if engaged.  We are so confident in producing results for our clients, we work on either a fixed-fee or contingency fee basis, and may ADVANCE up to $10,000 against your anticipated benefit.

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