Don Chelada Michelada

Company Description

Staying true to the original michelada recipe-created in 1969-Don Chelada Michelada has been the
leader and foremost innovator in the michelada market. This refreshing Mexican beverage is quickly
gaining popularity and awareness. With three exciting flavors to choose from,
Don Chelada is the leader in Michelada recipes.
Don Chelada has set the standard of what a michelada cup should be!
Don Chelada is distributed from our new state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas. This plant enables
Don Chelada to maintain the same quality products and allow for exponential growth. Our in-house
brand development and marketing team will create a comprehensive advertising and promotional
program that will enhance consumer demand, resulting in increased sales and profits for your company.


• Don Chelada® is THE #1 premix Michelada cup in the US, and growing.
• Don Chelada® allows consumers to make a quality, consistent ready to drink Michelada, allowing
consumers to add their favorite domestic, import, craft or nonalcoholic beers to make their own
• Don Chelada® has perfected the application of spices to the “MegaRim” on the cups, guaranteeing
a first class visual appeal and taste experience.
• Don Chelada® is a prepared Michelada mix with the best Select ingredients.
• Don Chelada® uses only real organic sea salt and real sugar cane sugar.
• Don Chelada® is preferred in national consumer taste tests by retail buyers and consumers.
• Don Chelada® has a unique blend favored by core consumers and well received by
new customers of all demographics.
• Don Chelada® cups are found in convenience stores, grocery stores and other retailers across the
USA creating great consumer awareness and demand.
• Don Chelada® has eye catching “IMPULSE” appeal for placement in Mixer and Beer locations.


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