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EduClasses® has one driving mission: To provide you with elegant, affordable online certificate courses that satisfy state requirements in the covered subjects.

All EduClasses® online courses feature a unique certificate system which allows you to easily sign up, study the curriculum, take the exam (where required) and receive your course certificate.

Our user-friendly web sites for Texas:  (No Exam) (currently Piloting for ANAB Application, learn more below)

We emphasize high quality content and simplicity of use.

Piloting FMC Exam / Seeking ANSI / ANAB Accreditation

Please note:  FMC,, is applying for ANSI/ANAB accreditation for our CFP Food Manager Exam. 

We need your help in making this happen!

FMC is currently piloting our CFP exam.  In other words, we have to test our tests.  This means that we need Registered Sanitarians, Instructors, Food Managers or individuals seeking to become Food Managers to take our pilot CFP exam. 

A bit about our CFP Exam

FMC's CFP Exam was developed by the best SMEs, Subject Matter Experts, in the industry.

Our SMEs have over 200 years of accumulated experience on knowledge of the FDA Food Law and a deep understanding of exam and item development.  Each item on the exam was well thought out and discussed before moving it to the pilot FMC exams.  Now with your help we need to validate the items and pilot our CFP exam forms to finish our ANSI/ANAB CFP application.

Practice CFP Exam

Our Goal is your success!  We want to help you achieve your CFP accreditation.

Use our pilot CFP exam as a practice CFP exam before you take an officially accredited ANSI/ANAB CFP exam.  Once you finish the exam, a report of "Areas of Deficiency" will be shown to you on how well you performed on the pilot CFP exam.  This will give you invaluable insight on where you need to focus your studies before you take your official accredited ANSI/ANAB CFP exam.

Proctored CFP Exam

The FMC pilot CFP exam has to be proctored.

Meaning that you must be monitored while taking the exam via our Stand Alone Proctor, Corporate Proctor, or Prometric Proctor via Prometric Testing Labs or Prometric's ProProctor remote proctor service.  Being proctored while taking a CFP exam is a standard process for any ANSI/ANAB accredited Food Manager exam.  No worries though we will cover the cost of the proctor session and the cost of the pilot CFP exam.

4 - $1,000 Visa Gift Card Give Away

We understand your time is valuable!

So because of your efforts in helping us pilot our CFP Exams, we are offering a giveaway.  Each time you take one of our unique pilot CFP Exams, 4 exams in total currently, we will put your name in for a drawing of one of 4 - $1,000 Visa Gift Cards.  This means you have a chance to win a total of $4,000 Visa Gift Cards.  Note that you can only take one unique exam at a time.   Once the pilot session of our CFP exam has been completed we will conduct the drawings.  So if you have friends who are Food Managers or about to become a Food Manager then refer us to them to help make this happen faster.

Sign up here now to apply to take the FMC pilot CFP exam!

Attention Proctors!

We need your help, too!

Take advantage of this opportunity by signing up to become a proctor for FMC, Food Managers Certification.  You will be able to personally proctor or process CFP candidates to Prometric for taking our soon to be accredited CFP exam.  If you become an approved FMC CFP proctor, we will give you deep discounts on the bulk exam purchases along with a personal page on our service site to market your Proctor service and process FMC CFP culinary students or candidates through.  We will make this happen, easy peasy!

Plus, for every 50 piloted CFP exam sessions that are completed by Food Managers or Culinary students that you proctored through our pilot CFP exam or referred to be proctored through Prometric's Testing Labs or Prometric's ProProctor remote proctor service we will give you $500. Snap!

Learn More and Sign Up here to become an approved FMC CFP Proctor

Thank you everyone for your help and efforts in making FMC, Food Managers Certification to become the next best accredited CFP Food Manager Program!


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