Ceil Tex Inc- CEILING Installation, Replacement & Cleaning

Company Spotlight
CEIL TEX INC. is now a 20 Year old “Full Service” Ceiling Company. Our Team of Professionals offer all the services possible to keep your facility looking great. We do everything from Drop Down Ceiling Replacement, to Repairs, and also New Construction Installations. Just forward plans to info@ceiltexinc.com for a no obligation-no cost quote. We also do Ceiling Cleaning which includes Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Grid, AC Vents and light lens covers. Wall Cleaning is also offered for FRP, Painted, Specialty or Stainless Steel walls.  In Open Concept areas we perform High Dust Cleaning, or High Surface cleaning to include rafters, beams, window frames, hanging lights, any decorative items, and also exposed AC Ducting and plenums. Most jobs done at night to not disrupt service. We offer Regional & National Maintenance Contracts for our Cleaning Services.